All the way from SA

OK, so Im working on something new and its best to go through my artist facebook page for the moment if anyone wants to contact/like/follow my art. Thanks!

Im in South America so not much painting being done but I have some exciting projects for my return. Meanwhile here are some photos of mine...

Valparaiso, Chile - Purple

Bolivia - Amazon Jungle

Bolivia - Salt Flats


'Furst' at 399

'Where is my mind'

Along with some other great artists, my work is up at 399 for a couple of weeks. There are framed originals for sale, plus a run of 5 prints for each. Get down and check them out and enjoy a glass of wine. (399 William St, Perth)



I drew this for an illustration group. It was meant to be a parrot but I couldn't find any nice reference so I drew this from memory. I used to draw birds like this a few years ago, not so much now. Plus my art utensils are still in a moving box so she's a little plain.


Panda Cruz

Completed live art for Bike Week, 'Panda Cruz'. Based on my ex-girlfriends, nanna's cookie jar that we had in our kitchen.


Live art for 'Bike Week'

So I ride a bike. Everywhere. I don't own a car. That said, I will be involved in some live art this Saturday down in Northbridge for 'Bike Week'. So come down and check it out if you are free. I'm on at 915am and there are 7 artists painting bikes. Should be fun! Better yet don't come down, I'll be nervous and it will just be awkward.


Glassin is a heinous crime...

'Glassing isn't cool'

I came across this old style I was experimenting with about two years ago. Out of three, this was the most completed one. I kinda like it more now.


Perth College Exhibition

Last year I was lucky enough to be contacted by Perth College and invited to submit works to their annual exhibition.
The Champagne Opening is on Friday 8th of April from 6pm. It would be great to see some familiar faces, so if you have the time and a spare 25 beans you should come down and check out some of Perth's emerging artist. Apparently it sells out each year!


Fortunately Unfortunately.

Army man getting struck in face
- 20 min quick sketch-

This is something I'm looking at following sometime in the future. A more suggestive style, opening up the piece for the viewer to perceive more of what they think is going on, rather than painting/drawing in an obvious fashion.


The one above I feel I could have done better.
It's the same picture but I wish I didn't develop
it as much as I have and its still unfinished. Oh well.



Ok, so next time I decide to take time off to paint I'm doing it in winter when I don't have to worry about melting in my studio!

That aside, I have managed to complete a few more drawings and try my hand at spray painting. I have a rough illustration (above) and hopefully with some practice I'll be able to spray it - fingers crossed. If anyone has a wall I can practice on let me know.

I was fortunate enough to go to Bali recently for a couple of weeks. It was great! Being sick still, after getting back a week ago, not so great. I haven't completed as many pictures as I was hoping to for the stage I'm at, but I'm sure there are lessons I've learned that I just haven't recognized yet - I think...


Stretching watercolour paper takes time!



Ok, so I think I'm off to the hardware store today to get some more wooden boards, enabling me to have more pre-stretched paper ready to paint on.

Using the water colour paper has slowed me a lot when it comes to the rate of paintings I can get finished, but it is nice to have the option to sell the originals.
Above are two dirty mobile phone pictures of the first two I'm still working on.



Back on track.

Finally after a year and a half immersing myself back into the full time world of design, I have left my position to get back to painting full time. It feels nice.

Above are 3 pieces that will be for sale at Empire on Beaufort Street, along with some others, hopefully in time for the Beaufort Street Festival. They'll be available framed and unframed. One is a new painting and two are from under the bed that I finally got around to finishing, I'll let you decided which one is new. Expect to be seeing a lot more in the coming months!

Drew - free at last!



Its been awhile between post! Ive started working full time designing. As a result I've had hardly any time to paint. At the moment some of my stuff can be found at the Showbag Exhibition at Little Creatures, but the pieces are not new unfortunately.
Although I have some great ideas for some new pics so stay tuned!

Also, I have some pieces in The Clothespeg Project. Hope to see you there on opening night!



Some good friends of mine have started livinginatree.com. Look it up for a great mix of artists from around the world! Plus upcoming local events and other stuff. I'm also the featured artist at the mmnt (Shameless plug).


Colour Bubble - Serif Show

I was a little sick during the lead up to this show so only could complete one piece. It was for the Colour Bubble Serif night. "Ride the Rainbow" - Pretty much stems from the moment(s) where you've had a really great night, then decided to ride home.


Serif @ Bar 459 - Rosemount

A great line-up of art will be on show at the monthly Serif night at Bar 459 (Rosemount). This Thursday - 18.6.09 I have done something that is completely different from my usual sketches for this show also. So come on down n check it out.


Prints for Sale @ Soto Cafe

Some of my illustrations are at Soto Cafe in Mt Lawley and are available for purchase, along with some other great artists work! If you don't drink coffee now's a good time to start!


dRaw Exhibition

These pieces were done for the dRaw exhibition. There were a lot of great artists exhibiting on the night and I'm told it went really well. The theme was "draw". I decided to create three pieces reflecting the phrase "to draw..."
"Draw attention"

"Draw a blank"

"Draw blood"

Mayk Zine Launch/08

These pieces were completed for an unofficial space at the Mayk zine launch. It went really well.
Thanks Jules for giving me some free wall space.

"A sophisticated conversation
between gentlemen on current events

"Día de los Muertos"